Systematic, adjective

  1. Done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical.

cf. Methodical, adjective

  1. Done according to a systematic or established procedure.
    1. (Of a person) orderly or systematic in thought or behaviour.

cf. Logical, adjective

  1. Of, or according to, the rules of logic or formal argument.
    1. Characterized by, or capable of, clear, sound reasoning.
    2. (Of an action, decision, etc.) expected or sensible under the circumstances.

A systematic or methodical way of working within Design Academy Eindhoven is not necessarily bound by rules that are placed upon the maker or researcher. Rather, it could also follow a set of rules that fit with a system or method developed by the maker himself, following a logic of its own.

A systematic approach, however, does entail a way of working in which a certain goal is set and a particular path is chosen. Especially in the field of design research, the objective and the path towards achieving it are related to a research question. In order for a design researcher to explore a particular question, the research has to be ordered in such a way that results are collected and documented, even if these findings are not used as part of the final result of the research. A rigorous mode of working enables the design researcher to analyse and categorise results in such a way that they can be reflected upon and shared with others (e.g. peers or external stakeholders).

Whereas an exploration in an intuitive research project can follow a crooked path, in methodical research it will follow a more straightforward route. This route, however, need not be linear, leading directly from a to b, on the contrary, in the design research field, thinking through making leans heavily on iteration as a principal way of achieving progress and results.

DAE examples

  • Olivier van Herpt: 3D printed ceramics, Graduation project Man and Activity, 2015
  • Nina Gautier, Urtica Lab, Graduation project Man and Well Being, 2014


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