1. An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.
    1. The action or fact of showing something.
    2. A version or incarnation of something or someone.

At Design Academy Eindhoven design and design research manifest themselves in many different guises. In order for design research to be made visible, legible and usable for others – to share the captured knowledge – it has to be made public, be disseminated, it has to manifest itself. These manifestations could include products, services, events, interiors, exteriors, drawings, films, texts, maps, scenarios and more.

A design or a design research project is always more than its external manifestation, the way in which it is made public. Sometimes the final design does not indicate anything of the process before its incarnation. In other cases the conducted research, or parts of it – questions, methods, and stories for example – are not hidden, but are made visible in an explicit way. In cases like these a research project can be represented physically, graphically or otherwise, using a design.

DAE examples

  • Ward Goes, News for eternity, Graduation project Man and Communication, 2014

  • Hannah Vischer, A piece of truth, Graduation project Man and Communication, 2014

  • Gabriel Ann Maher, DE___SIGN, Graduation project Master Social Design, 2014